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Status Update - Project development on hold
Hello! We would like to share a short update on what's going on with the project. Sadly, it has become clear we will not able to dedicate enough time to this pr...
MSCMP 0.4.2 Prototype has been released
Hello! We have just released a new prototype version of the mod, the version aims to fix the most known crashes and stability issues. Changes Configuration/file...
1 file — 0.4.2
Status Update - Current plan
Hello all! We would like to shed some light on what is our current plan with the mod. Currently, we have the next prototype version which aims to improve the st...
MSCMP Prototype has been released!
Hello! It finally happened! We have just published first public release of My Summer Car Multiplayer! It is very early prototype version, not much stuff is sync...
1 file — 0.4.1
MSCMP 0.4 Prototype is coming!
Hello everyone! Just a quick update, we are currently working on 0.4 Prototype version to ship to all of you very soon. This will be rough version of the mod th...
Project Status Update - #4 - First post on MSCMP itch page
Hello everyone! Patreon is closed As posted on last patreon post. Due to the slowdown of the development we have decided to close patreon. We cannot ask MSCMP c...
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