Project Status Update - #4 - First post on MSCMP itch page

Hello everyone!

Patreon is closed

As posted on last patreon post. Due to the slowdown of the development we have decided to close patreon. We cannot ask MSCMP community to donate to the project that we are not working actively without a clear release path. This is too much to ask from My Summer Car community and with a heavy heart, this is the decision we came up with after many weeks of discussions.

All updates from us will be posted here on this devblog starting from now.
So far we don't have any plans about how often we will keep updating you, once we will be ready to share something we will let you know!

I donated on patreon, what about access to the mod?

If you ever donated on patreon (any amount) you should have access to the builds on the official mods discord. If you don't have it you can contact us on

I want patreon refund.

If you want patreon refund please contact us at

We are providing refunds until 7.01.2021.

How do I get access to dev builds now?

Currently there is no way for new people to get access to the builds. We are working on new way to get builds through

Have more questions?

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Thanks for your continuous support


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