MSCMP Prototype has been released!


It finally happened!

We have just published first public release of My Summer Car Multiplayer! It is very early prototype version, not much stuff is synchronized and you can expect various bugs.

How to download?

We recommend you to download the mod via Itch App which you can do here - This way you will get auto-updates. However you can also download the Latest version from in a ZIP format. All you need to do is extract it anywhere and start the mod via bin/Public Release/MSCMP.exe

Help us develop the mod further!

Join our official discord where you can give us your feedback, report bugs in #bug-reports channel and find people to play together!

You can also join our community where you can also report issues, put on suggestions and talk about MSCMP!

Thank you!

Thank you for your patience and for staying with us. See you in the game!


Latest version 3 MB
Version 0.4.1 Sep 12, 2020


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