Status Update - Current plan

Hello all!

We would like to shed some light on what is our current plan with the mod.

Currently, we have the next prototype version which aims to improve the stability of the mod in development. The current changelog of it is.

  • Configuration/file errors that can be fixed by the user will now be shown as a system message box instead of the crash game
  • Improved crash reporter - new look, display of the crash message in the dialog (so the user can see what the crash was about)
  • Improved menu UI with information about port forwarding needed to host a session
  • Improved code making save backup to better handle read-only files
  • Installing of mscmp:// protocol when starting the modification
  • Fix for [enter] moving contents of IP:PORT text field to a new line in quick join page
  • Fix for crash on entering vehicle when connected to the dedicated server session

When the update will be out? Because the project is developed in our free time we have no way to say an exact date at this moment. There are still a few things that we need to polish before we can ship it to you.

Thanks for your attention and continuous support!

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