MSCMP 0.4.2 Prototype has been released


We have just released a new prototype version of the mod, the version aims to fix the most known crashes and stability issues.


  • Configuration/file errors that can be fixed by the user will now be shown as a system message box instead of the crash game
  • Improved crash reporter - new look, display of the crash message in the dialog (so the user can see what the crash was about)
  • Improved menu UI with information about port forwarding needed to host a session
  • Improved code making save backup to better handle read-only files
  • Installing of mscmp:// protocol when starting the modification
  • Fix for [enter] moving contents of IP:PORT text field to a new line in quick join page
  • Fix for crash on entering vehicle when connected to the dedicated server session
  • Fix for crash right on startup on some computers (thanks to Archer for help with debugging!)
  • Fix for crash on game shutdown
  • Prototype map mods support (check mods folder). This is the very very very early version and is subject to change. For more check `mods/worlds/` after downloading mod.

Known issues

Have fun!


Latest version 3 MB
Version 0.4.2 Jan 19, 2021

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